Ibrahim Hussein Marafie


lived in the period from 1907 - 1997, and was living in Al-Midan neighborhood in the current site of the new buidling of the Central Bank opposite to old Marafie Hussainiya, and he was God have mercy on him a lover of people, and he founded his own Diwaniya in the early fifties the in early sixties moved to the area of ​​Bneid Al-Qar. After his death the Diwan has been moved to Al-Shaab area. He had his study in Koranic School, the study workshops that were available at that time. He was God have mercy on him funny and has the sense of humor and joking, loving people and loving to do good. He lived all his life a self-made man relies on himself after Allah with insight vision. He was a complacent face to people in all occasions, shared with them the joys and sorrows without intolerance to any religion or denomination. He was greeting Christians at Christmas, and was one of the senior traders, that he worked in the trade of food and furniture then turned to buying and selling real estate and shares inside and outside Kuwait. He was also one of the early traders who imported blankets from Italy, and food from China and continued the trading until the late sixties until the economic life started to change with the appearance of share companies so he was one of the first founders of these companies.


About his Charity Work in Kuwait:

He was the first and largest who contributed in the building of the fourth wall of Kuwait, which was built after the liberation of Kuwait directly. After his death, and from the assets of the third of his legacy, the following works were completed: renovation and modernization of wing eleven in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital the Department of Internal Medicine in full, building a health center in  Bneid Al-Qar area includes all medical specialties to serve the people of the area and waiting for its opening by the Ministry of Health, also a mosque was built  with a bather and their accessories in Jaafaria cemetery which are equipped with all necessities, as well as building Diwan for his family that combines members of this family in various events in Marine Shaab area.


About his Charity Work out of Kuwait:

He built an elementary, middle and high school, entire hospital in Bandar Machor includes nearly eighty room, and a mosque in Bandar Machor as well.




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