Provisions for the Visitors of Diwan Marafie's Site

Legal advice:

Dear visitor,

You are kindly requested to read carefully the following provisions. Your visit of this site is stipulated by your consent of the browsing provisions of this site. In case you don’t approve of the same; you are kindly requested not to use this website. Diwan Marafie shall have the prerogatives to amend these provisions at its discretion without advance advise.


Licenses and limitations:

You shall have limited license for personal use of this site only, and due to  the type of information published on this site, you may not copy, publish, download, announce, transfer, or distribute by any means such information; you may do so only according to the decided provisions hereof.


Content of the site:

You may download any information from this site to your personal computer, and obtain a copy for your personal use only, which is stipulated by reservation of publisher’s rights and other copyrights. Furthermore, you may not copy any information from this site to other sites, and also you may not, without contract or stipulations perform the following:

  • Resell of the site, or any of its content, or use on commercial basis.

  • Partial use of the site or any of its contents.


Intellectual property:

All site contents including, not only but also, pages headlines and graphics specially designed for the site such as logos, sounds, pictures, icons, names, trademarks (content of the site), which are either property of Diwan Marafie or an authorized property by a second party. Notwithstanding the provisions thereof; you may not have the implicit right or license or permission due to previous legal consuetude or pursuant any patent or trademark or publish rights or copy rights of Diwan Marafie or a Third Party. Content of this site is totally and partially protected by publish right and by other intellectual property laws. You may not use, or format, or use formatting to copy any of intellectual property information including (pictures published on this site, and any content or text, or form, or design any of the pages of the site) that coincide with the provisions hereof. Any unlawful application processed on this site, shall result in revocation of the granted permission or license pursuant the provisions of this site, which will be considered violation to publish rights and other laws; therefore, publish, distribution or copy shall be ban due to breach of related laws.



Users may not violate or try to violate the security of this site using any but not limited to the following approaches:

  • Utilize any research process or information robots or other procedures for compile of information inside the website.

  • Reach information not directed to the user, or log on server, or user account banned from logging on the site.

  • Try to research or browse, or test system or site capabilities, or violate security procedures or check ID without authorization.

  • Attempt to interfere in the service offered to any user / visitor of the website by introducing a virus to the site, or increase uploaded material, or flood it by sending inappropriate massages, or mail bombs to cause malfunction.

  • Send inappropriate massages including entertainment massages and/or services and product ads.

  • Forfeiture of any address sent to transmission / internet data protocol or any part of address information in any email or group discussion. Breach of security of the system or the website shall result in prosecuting the user under civil or criminal law.

Diwan Marafie grants you unlimited and non-transferable license, wherever it is decided hereof for saving and copy (including copy to your computer hard disk), and also use of  original photographs, videos, audios, or printed material (the media content) available on this site. The rest of properties, that have not been granted license, shall remain the property of Diwan Marafie.

Regardless of the above-mentioned license you may refrain from performance of the following:

  • Add, change or amend the media content, or produce adaptations. Magnifying, minimizing, reduce or reconstruction of the media content.

  • Sub-license, re-license, sale, lease, or rent any part of the media content.

  • Copy or publish any of the media content on the net, advertisement sign, distribute or permit distribution any of the media content to unlicensed individuals.

  • Exploit pictures for porno, defame, slander, deception, violation and any other illegal purposes.

Any utilization or publication of the media content must show clearly the following publication property rights “publisher copyright © Diwan Marafie 2009”. All copyrights are reserved  “write on the picture or next to it” publish is granted by “Diwan Marafie”.



Registration is a must to reach certain features of this site. Once you register means that you undertake that the information provided is sound and precise. Contact information such as your name and email address shall be adapted to the site, only then the site will provide you with answers to your request and display the content according to your choice of options. The site will provide you with the right speed that will enable you to enter your personal information to Diwan Marafie and receive information requested by you.

Diwan Marafie resort to various instruments to maintain security for your personal information. Such instruments shall keep personal information in secured webs, which will be available only to a limited individuals granted with special entry rights. Notwithstanding the protection instruments we provide our website, yet the internet is not considered altogether safe; others may intercept information you sent. It is worth-mentioning that any information you present voluntarily to a public internet website shall be publically available to other visitors of such website, and possibly to third parties also. Therefore you have to be careful whenever you decide to publicly disclose any of your personal information.



This website applies cookies technology. It is considered an electronic information provided to the hard   disk to help the visitor adapt to this site, and keep record of his/her visits. It, as well, offer the opportunity to the designers of the site to amend site visits in a better way according to visitor’s personal preferred selected options. Use of cookies became standard for the internet and various sites are implementing this technology. In spite that most of the browsers automatically accept such instructions “cookies”, yet you can amend the browser you are using to reject the cookies or notify you when receive them. This will offer the opportunity to accept or refuse the cookies; even if you refuse these cookies, still you may use most of the features of this site.


Voluntarily offered information:

Any contacts or material you may publish or transfer voluntarily to Diwan Marafie across the internet shall be considered unequivocal, without property rights and shall be treated as such. Also your publication or transfer of any contacts or material to this site shall mean your consent to use Diwan Marafie for any purpose related to such contacts or material including copy, transfer, publish, broadcast or advertise thereof.


Interrelation with other sites:

To make it easy for you; this site may contain other sites contacts, among which other sites not connected to Diwan Marafie, and the above-mentioned decided provisions may not be applicable to these contacts, which would be necessary to verify the provisions of each site. Diwan Marafie may not be responsible for practices and contents performed by the related sites, which are not related or managed by Diwan Marafie or its representative. Any contact included in this site that not been managed by Diwan Marafie or its representative may not mean that:

  • Diwan Marafie agrees or attest information, data or pictures involved in such site.

  • Diwan Marafie support and sponsor such site, in which you are a member, or considered one of your contacts or their operating company/s.

  • Diwan Marafie authorize the contacting site to use any names, logos, trademarks, or materials protected by publish copyright of Diwan Marafie.



Material exist on this site  is presented “as is” without any explicit or implicit warranties; Diwan Marafie as well may not assume any responsibility sanctioned by related laws such as explicit and implicit warranties, including but not limited to implicit warranty for validity of market offers. Diwan Marafie may not provide warranty on malfunctions or failure in material function, or that defect shall be rectified, or that site or server introduced are clear of virus, or other detrimental forms. Diwan Marafie may not offer warranty or assumptions regarding utilization of the materials of this site, or regarding validity, precision and authenticity of the material utilized. You, (Not Diwan Marafie)  may assume all necessary coasts of maintenance and rectification in the site, and Diwan Marafie may  not assume any responsibility towards any direct or indirect, consequential, or punitive liabilities that might be established regardless of the way logged on or used any content in this site or other related sites. Diwan Marafie shall reserve the right to amend this site and assumptions involved as part of this site at any time without previous notification. Furthermore, enforcement of such provisions during or after the visit to the site shall relieve Diwan Marafie of any claims, dues or liabilities by any visitor.


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