Gratitude and Appreciation


Diwan Marafie takes this opportunity to express its sincere gratitude and appreciation to all who rendered their valuable co operation and assistance in the compilation of various information related to The Marafies.



1-Given below are those names without whom the drafting and authentication of the compiled vital information would have been incomplete.


We remember the below (deceased God Bless their Souls) persons for their contribution In Compiling & Presenting:

         Mohammad Jawad Husain Marafie.

         Ibrahim Husain Marafie.

         Jassim Ismael Marafie.

         Mohammad Rafie Husain Marafie.

         Abdullhameed Husain Marafie.

         Abdullsamad Abdullah Marafie.

         Mustafa Ahmad Marafie.

         Sultan Mabrok Marafie.

         Mohammad Taqi Saleh Marafie.

         Mohammad Hassan Ali Marafie.

         Abu Alqassem Yacoub Marafie.

         Ibrahim Jassim Marafie.

         Husain Mohammad Jawad Marafie.

         Essa Abdullah Ben Nakhi.

         Mahmoud Mohammad Ben Nakhi.

         Ahmad Yacoub Al-Mahmeed.



And also by the following living legends:

         Abduljabbar Mansour Marafie.

         Mohammad Taqi Mohammad Jawad Marafie.

         Mohammad Redha Ahmad Marafie.

         Yousif Ali Kamal.

The vital contribution extended by Women (deceased God Bless their Souls)

         Sadmah Abdulnabi Marafie (Umm Ali).

         Khanum Zary Husain Marafie (Umm Abdulsamad).

         Khanum Ahmad Marafie (Umm Abdullatif).

         Najeebah Saleh Marafie (Umm Husain).

         Sughra Mohammad Jawad Marafie (Umm Yousif).

         Fatema Aboud Abdulkareem (Umm Maher).

And Mrs. Ameena Abdullah Marafie (Umm Salah).


2- Verification of Information :

     Abbas Mohammad Rafie Marafie (Ph.D).

     Mrs. Faten Abduljabbar Marafie.


3- Preparation, Drafting and Authentication:

         Abdul Ilah Mohammad Rafie Marafie.

         Ahmad Mustafa Marafie.



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