The ambassador Kazem Haji Yacoub Marafie

The ambassador Kazem Haji Ya'koup Marafie was born in Kuwait in 1936. He is married with three sons and holds a certificate of general secondary education. He worked in the Foreign Ministry since his youth and kept graded in the work until he was promoted to be an ambassador which was on 6/1/2001.

Sir Kazem Marafie has outstanding stances as he was dealing with some firmness and accuracy in all the positions he worked in and he was known in his wisdom to balance the things, which made an outstanding diplomatic character from him. He started his working life in the diplomatic field in the Foreign Ministry in a secretary degree on 25/07/1968 then he started grading in the promotion path because of his experience and skills in political field.

One day, he has been asked about how he deals with diplomatists and he replied: you’ll not find any book which explains to you how to deal with others since there is no certain method to be followed by any body in this content, but it's a situation and situations are the result of simultaneous action, and it pushes the person to act in a certain way, so I was dealing with each situation accurately, wisely and leisurely and according to that situation.

The first task assigned to him outside Kuwait was working in Kuwait embassy in Tehran in Islamic Republic of Iram on 22/08/1968. That time the country was passing a new stage because it issued the law of man's right through its international conference in Tehran on 13th of May 1968 and because of his extended experience and the long service years he has been promoted as the prim secretary degree on 30/03/1975 and after 5 years he was promoted to a Counselor degree on 27/03/1980 then to Delegator Minister then general consul until he became an ambassador in 06/01/2001 as we previously mentioned.

It is worthy to say that Sir Kazem was known with his intelligence and his wisdom and in this context he said :"Man should use  all possible means and methods to recognize persons first and before anything to have certain keys which help him to deal with others.

The rank of Delegator Minister is superior to the normal minister's rank, whereas the delegator minister is higher than the consul, and less than the ambassador, so when he was appointed as a delegator minister, he says that he felt happy and glad, then he added that, "Allah doesn’t waste the effort of that made his best " and after he had worked as delegator minister, he moved from the embassy in Tehran to the public Diwan in Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Kuwait, on November 1st 1987.

Mr. Kazem Marafie was appointed as a consul in Mumbai– India on 14th February 1990 and he stayed there until 14th April 1994 then he was moved to Republic Of Czech – Prague as an ambassador within the period from 21/01/1995 until, 1st of October1998 then to Manila – Republic of Philippines on 20/10/1990, After that, he was promoted as an ambassador, as mentioned aforesaid.

Last but not least, the best of which we can conclude the resume of Mr. Kazem Marafie is that speech which he directed to the youth of his country where he said: "My sons, my grandsons, there are personalities who may meet you in reality and maybe in fictions, take the benefit from them and know that who plants the evil, shall only harvest the evil too, but who plants good deed shall harvest it; Allah willing, so, plant the good deeds for all to get the benefit all, if Allah wills.   



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