Sadmah Abdullnaby Marafie

1884 1958


Born in 1884 and married to Hussain Marafie, Sadmah Abdullnaby Marafie gave birth to four sons; Ali, Mohammad Jawad, Mohammad Rafie, and Abdulhameed.

She had inherited the fortune and trade from her father Abdulnaby, who was a well known businessman. He owned large fleet of ship, and was considered as one of Kuwaits five men, who saved the people of Kuwait from severe famine known by the name of "Alhailak", which means "The Famine."  Sadmah, a distinguished Kuwaiti lady, was widely known as "Um Ali" (the mother of Ali). She was smart, and obliging. She was of a tremendous help to Kuwaiti women on all occasions. People of those days     were friendly and affectionate. She established her wheat trade business by importing wheat from Bandar Ma'shoor. Haj Nassrullah Marafie would market the imported produce. She also was interested in textile and ornaments that were imported from India.

She expanded her trade. She took a house beside her residence on rent. The house was one of Al-Barraks family properties. She used the rented property both as storage for her merchandize and as a beauty saloon. She enjoyed her gift of dressing up the bride with gold and jewellery.

Sadmah Abdullnaby was a skilled herbal practitioner. This is something she acquired when her husband Hussain Marafie had been indisposed due to lack of appropriate treatment availability in Kuwait. In search of a right treatment they left for Sheeraz in Iran and stayed during the entire course of herbal treatment received from an authentic practitioner. He treated patients using wild herbs.

Sadmah being smart and intelligent observed and learnt the scientific, technical and practical applications of herbs for various illnesses. By His grace, by the time Hussain Marafie recovered completely after having undergone the most skilful and effective treatment of the renowned practitioner, Sadmah too mastered the skill through her keen observation. While returning, Sadmah brought along with her the herbal treatment methods too to be applied on the needy in Kuwait. An agreement with the practitioner facilitated her to replenish the stock of medicine whenever needed.

Sadmah opened her own clinic to treat the people of Kuwait and those of the desert (the Bedouin). She was known among the Bedouins for her generosity and patience. Her clinic was well received especially by ladies and kids. She even dealt with pregnancy and infertility, all on humanitarian and charitable basis.





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