Mohammad Jawad Hussain Marafie

1901 1975


He was born in Marafie neighbourhood in the year 1901. In 1916, he travelled to India to be with his brother Ali who was engaged in the building of the dhow "Almohamadi I" and "Alaway" boom. Eventhough he returned to Kuwait in 1917 he attempted the trip again through Basra. But due to the spread of lice, the ships abandoned all trips either ways. Therefore after returning to Kuwait he made his successful travel from Kuwait to India. He was settled in India for almost two year. There he mastered the skill of trade and architectural nuances. He took a special interest in timber business too and worked for a while. After returning to Kuwait in 1920, he opened a timber and carpentry shop. He further appointed good number of Kuwaitis and trained them the art of carpentry, manufacture of cabins and the Indian style of engraving the doors.

In his early forties, he was given the sole responsibility of distributing water that was brought from Shatt Al Arab by Alhussainy boom, owned by Marafie family, to the Marafie family alone.

In his late forties, the British Consul requested him to build a private berth which was docked at todays ships observatory station on the sea front overlooking the British embassy. During his late fifties, Kuwaiti government appointed him as a member of the Housing Distribution Committee. Being honest and faithful, every word he uttered turned indispensable in the nationality Committee. He was a keen follower of Prophet Mohammad. It is recalled that once having known the presence of a dog at his neighbours house, Mohammad jawad called on them and gave his piece of strong advise against keeping a dog in the house since he believed that angels would refuse to cohabit in a house that roofs dogs. Meanwhile, when he realized that his advice was not heeded, he decided to dispose the house at a cheap price and later relocated at Alnizha area. He died at the age of 77 in the year 1975.




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