Mohammad Hussain Nasrullah Marafie

1870 1934


Born in 1870, he started the business activities at a very tender age. He was agent for many sea faring companies from Great Britain, Germany and Italy. He was also agent for Philips electronic & electrical equipments. In 1905 he established Alhussainiya Alsharqiya, today known as The Old Marafie Hussainiya".

Launch of Telephone in Kuwait:

The first telephone set was imported by Mohammad Hussain Marafie during the beginning of Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabahs reign. This was installed in his office located in the northern part of tradesmen souk (Souk Altijjar). Though he was excited at its  output  through which he would call his employees from his office above his shop, the very thought, that it was of little help in reaching him to his clientele, who too would have benefited, disappointed him. Subsequently, he refrained from using it anymore and kept at home.

If only he had lived long to fulfil his dreams & aspirations related to Information Technologyis what everyone known to him had wished.when the communication Advancements of today are beyond ones speed of imagination though.

Nevertheless, sons of Mohammad Hussain in due respect and in memory of their father,  handed over the device to Kuwait Museum as a gift to be exhibited along with other Kuwait antiques. Mohammad Hussain Marafie died in the year 1934.



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