Mansour Mohammad Zaman Marafie

1891 1964


Since Mansour lost his father at the age of six, he was raised by his grandfather Mohammad Ali Marafie. He grew up to become a reputed Nokhatha in the Marafie family.

In 1340 (H) 1921 A.D., when the Eastern part of the Third Kuwait Wall (Soor) was being built, Marafie family undertook the partial construction after a precise estimation. Mansour Marafie diligently supervised and controlled the break of Ramadan fast and the supply of Suhour meals to the Kuwaiti builders. Marafie Familys fighting acumen and the vigilance maintained were highly appreciated by one and all. Once when Sheikh Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah while returning from Hawalli on horseback, caught up by the galloping sound from distance, they braced themselves to combat the enemy until it was convinced to them that he was none other than Abullah Al-Jaber himself. It is said that later during the day he happily joined with them at work and even had suhour meal of that night. Mansour Marafie even stood guard at night shifts with others during the course of Soor construction.

Mansour Mohammad Zaman Marafie owned a dhow Boom that was used mainly to transport water from Shat Alarab in Basra to Kuwait. He was known for his adventures. Once he made a daring sail through the rough sea with its high & raging tides. He braved to continue the trip cutting the roaring waves to Kuwait only to realize later that in the course of his dare devil attempt the fresh water of the ship turned saline in the high tides making it beyond potable.

Using his dhow, Mansour even undertook the transportation of arms & ammunitions from Nigat Marafie near Seif Palace to Doha area from where it was carried on mules to the Red Palace at Jahra.

During one of his seafaring trips, having been caught up in the tumultuous sea with the ship tossing from one side to the other,  his eyes caught the sight of an owl atop the mast, that is strongly considered as a bad omen even to this day. When other sailors refused to climb and undo the owl, Mansour did climb the mast. Unfortunately, in the midst of the tussle the owl clamped Mansours hands in defence. To everybodys dismay holding on to the mast with one hand he chanced upon the owls head with his mouth. In the struggle, however, he fell off the mast to the dhow board breaking his ribs. The recovery took him to 6 months of confinement to the bed. Later he gave up seafaring and eventually sold the dhow thereby donating the proceeds to charity.

In 1948, when he had a capital amount of Rupees 13,000/- he decided to engage in trading business. He started with tea trading in collaboration with the people of Aldowraq (Menohiya,one of the emirates of Sheikh Khazal Ben Merdow, the Prince of Mohammarah.) Business undertaking was executed on Term basis since most people, of that area being farmers by generation, were of low income group. Dates were the only source of income. Notwithstanding the fact that for business though the farmers mortgaged their palm trees to Mansour with the hope of redeeming it later, terms could not be met and dues & debts were on the rise day by day. Eventually, Mansour, a calm and enduring personality by nature, was compelled to step back from the deal.

Finally, in 1950 Mansour Marafie returned to Kuwait with all those pledged bonds. Years later, when one of the tribal Sheikhs of Aldowraq visited Kuwait on his enroute pilgrimage trip to Mecca, Mansour Marafie extended him a cordial welcome. During their discourse he handed over all pledges he had been holding for years, and acquitted them of all dues & debts as an act of Charity. May the Gracious God bless their souls.



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