Ali Hussain Marafie

1895 1957


Born in Alwassat neighbourhood in 1895, as a young boy he worked with his cousin Mohammad Hussain Marafie who had partnership with his father. He learned trading, and worked between India and Kuwait for a long time. Later he settled in India to build two dhows: the first being "Alawy" boom and the second was "Almohamadi I" boom. Both were built under his studious supervision as he was very precise in attending such project that included some Kuwaiti Ship builders too. Hussain Marafie provided all the furnishings needed for both the ships along with captains Nokhatha and over a hundred Kuwaiti sailors too.

During the latter years of his life he established the first tailoring shop in Kuwait, which was later managed by his son Mohammad Hassan.

Modern Tailoring Shop:

Kuwait witnessed a tremendous increase in population with its flourishing diversed business/commercial establishments. The entrepreneurs of Kuwait maintained strong and healthy business ties with India & Basra. In the souk of Kuwait (Souk Aldakhley) Ali Hussain Marafie opened a most modern tailoring shop, first of its kind, with its latest tailoring machines, equipments and other accessories imported from India since India, then and even today, is known for its fine fabrics, art of sewing and designer models too.

During WWI, when people were mentally anguished and anxious filled, the radio Ali Hussain had in his tailoring shop brought tremendous relief to the agonising hearts. People would gather around to listen to the latest broadcast to support either Britain or Germany in the same spirit as a crowd would cheer & support a team while at a live match. This in turn helped to minimize the lingering tension. His son Mohammad Hassan, a German supporter, took ardent interest in listening to the Berlin broadcast.



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