Abdullah Mohammad Hussain Nassrullah Marafie

1895 1966


Born in Alwasat neighbourhood in 1895, he was the eldest son of Mohammad Hussain Nassrullah. He received his basic education from folk school, then known as Alkottab or Almulla. Later he continued his education in India where he learned English. His father subsequently accompanied him to teach him trading basics. Having acquired the trading skill, under his fathers advice he visited various African, Gulf countries and India. In Oman, during World War I, he worked as a commercial agent to his father. He further supervised the purchase of arms that was smuggled to Kuwait by sea. His role as a supplier of arms and ammunitions for the army during Aljahra war is  commendable. Having overgrown of Oman, he finally returned to Kuwait.

In the years that followed, he independently established his own business. In due course of time, he had become the proprietor of the Aldowraq date farms in Arabistan. Living in a Farm House built by him, he took to a settled life by getting married. During this period the produce of the Farm, as dates, was exported to Kuwait.

Down the line, in his early sixties, he decided to return to Kuwait and boldly attempted his hand on various business fields which were found more profitable than dates. His life came to an end in May 1966. He was survived by seven sons.




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