Abdulsamad Abdullah Marafie

1917 1990


Born in Marafie neighbourhood in the year 1917, Mohammad Hussain Marafie apprenticed him to trade and commerce. He emerged as one of the largest importers of cement from Japan through his collaboration with the Japanese Company Onoda.  Also, along with Japanese Freight Company of Mitsui, he had established seafaring to and from eastern Asia. He was a frequent visitor of Al-Naqeeb diwan in Jeblah area along with Ahmad Marafie, who would discuss at length the issues of 1938 legislative assembly and the peoples representation in the assembly. He studied in Mubarakiya School and learned English well under the tutelage of a renowned Israeli teacher. He was one of the founder members of Kuwait Cement Co. and Portland Cement Co. To his credit, he was one of the pioneers of Alahli bank, and became a member of the board of directors since its establishment in the year 1967 until 1987. Abdulsamad Marafie was assigned various designations such as; A Member of the Nationality Institutional Committee issued by decree No. 10/1959 that regarded the Kuwaiti Nationality. He was in the fourth committee with Ahmed Al-Bisher, Ali Al-Tuwairsh, Abdulrazaq Al-Basseer and Sulaiman Ibrahim; this was during the reign of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah. He was also a member in the Appraisal Committee of Kuwait Municipality, and a member in the Constitution Amendment Committee in the year 1980; he was against the amendment of the constitution.


Being a true patriot he recommended his sons and relatives to form charitable deeds inside Kuwait. He was compassionate towards his family and relatives and shared their grievances and happiness. 

Kuwait cherishes him always as an honest and loving person. He was faithful, kind hearted & generous. He built one of the largest mosques at Salwa area in Kuwait and was keen on its completion before his death. He would spend good share of  the dusk of his life in the mosque. He died on 02/07/1990.



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