Abdul Jabbar Mansour Marafie

He was born in Marafie Fareej in the middle of Kuwait near Fareej El Shujoukhan on 26th  Ramadan, 1356 AH 26th November, 1937 AD. His father is Al Nokhatha Mansour Ibn Mohammad Zaman who was owning Al Mansour Boom.

Abdul Jabbar Marafie lived a simple childhood, full of fun and play on the sea coast among his cousins, Al Fareej's sons and his friends where Marafie Nocka'at or Marafie Saif lies.

He started his practical life young where he worked in his fathers shop in Fabric selling in Ibn Mejel market then he worked when he was fifteen at the Cable and Wireless Company in printing and receiving telegraphs using Morse as a wireless caller. His study wasn't regular because of Kuwait's hard times at that time. In spite of that, he struggled in the field of education till he achieved his goal. When he was young, he learnt English and then joined afternoon studies. He graded in the educational stages until he got a Bachelor of Economy and Political Sciences at Cairo University, 1973.

He began his education in Al Ja'fariya School by virtue of Uncle Jasim Ismael Marafi The late who took him to school for the first time in the age of four. He continued learning in Al Ja'fariya School till 1948. It is mentioned that Al Sayed El Sheirazi was the school headmaster and then Mr. Mohammad El Mousawi. In that period, some of the teachers were Mr. Mohammad Al Nashmi, Mr. Sulaiman Al Banay, Mr. Mohammad Al Bishara, Mr. Mohammad Ali Saleh, Mr. Jassim Abdullah, Mr. El Bairouti and others.

After that, he left Kuwait to Al Dourak Shadakan in Iran, accompanied by his father to direct his commerce from 1948 to 1950. He remembers his Uncle Saleh Mohammad Ali Marafi's death in Dourak that time, and then he remembers his return to Kuwait after The late Sheikh Ahmed Al Jaber Al Subah's death

When he was 13 years old and during his work in a shop for selling Fabrics owned by his father in Ibn Mejil Souq branched from The Merchants Souq or Sabahiya Souq, he was learning English by the late teacher Hussein Abdul Rasoul Al-Kassem (Abu Yousif) in Eid Al Nassar Shop near Al Mubarakiya School, also by The late Ghalib Moussa Taqi in Al Jafariyah School, as they were big educators in Kuwait and had high qualifications.

During his study in the intermediate stage in the afternoon period when applying the four years system by the Ministry of Education (Knowledge Administration previously), he was working for The English Cable and Wireless  Company in the morning period in shifts system. After graduating from the intermediate stage, he joined a qualifying evening course abroad in 1959 in the Commerce College to learn how to write commerce letters and he passed with incredible success because of his good ability to speak and write English and when The Cable and Wireless Company was nationalized, he continued working for the Posting and telecommunication Administration at that time. He started as a trainee, employee and became a trainer where the administration organized a training course for the new workers who join the work so he was responsible for training those youth.

It was worthy to be mentioned that Mr. Abdul Jabbar Marafie and some of his colleagues got an expedition to study the Wire and Wireless Communications in Cairo by the Ministry of Transportation to get the diploma certificate in 1961-1962 and the year 1962-1963 , then he joined a practical specializing course for  6 months and then  returned to Kuwait after that.

Abdul Jabbar returned back to Kuwait and worked in the ministry but he insisted on completing his secondary study so he joined the afternoon study in  Kaifan School and got the general secondary degree in 1968 which qualified him to study in the Economy and Politics College in Cairo University so he  achieved his wishes and got the university degree in 1973.

Its to be mentioned that Mr. Abdul Jabbar is now doing some free works and he is a honorary member in the Kuwait Society for the wireless amateurs and one of his great works during the Iraqi invasion for the state of Kuwait that he was communicating with his family, friends and the Kuwait sons by using wireless sets and co-operating with his friends, family and amateurs outside Kuwait in a time where there was no any means of communication. He endangered his life to convey the Kuwaitis and residents voice to their families outside Kuwait and he was under accurate observation by the Iraqi forces.

And on the first day of Kuwait liberation on February 1991, his house was opened for foreign newspapers' correspondents and international news agencies to communicate using wireless equipment with the co-operation of his family men and youth.

In 1973, he retired from The Ministry of Communication and had a television interview entitled '' Last Voice from Kuwait "produced by the USA.

This may be very little of so much about a man whose journey was hard and full of effort joined with ambition and hope. A journey that its owner was able to overshadow his head with success.






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