Abbas Mohammad Rafie Husain Marafie

1947 2009


Born in Kuwait on 17 March, 1947, Professor Abbas Mohammad Rafie Husain Marafie hailed from a highly distinguished family; reputed for their wholehearted benevolence and equanimity that has been reckoned by the entire Kuwaiti Society. Having brought up in the midst of values, virtues and integrity, he grew up with principles and honor set in his blood. He faithfully followed his father (God Bless His Soul) in cultivating a strong and a close knit bond with his community too. Even as a young boy he proved his fathers trait of aggressiveness in public discourse and discussions with the elders. These remarkable attributes played vital role in shaping a fine personality in him which further enhanced in building strong ties within, around the world at large and apparently within the scientific milieu too


Professor Abbas had been blessed with the rarest opportunity of completing his education from reputable universities, a dream pursuit for any knowledge hunter across the globe. Kuwait University acknowledged his remarkable, one of the kind, achievement in Applied Modern Science; a significant branch in the field of Mechanical Engineering, by conferring him the title Professorship. He was regarded as the first Kuwaiti in setting the steps in Abstract Science.

As for the domain, his intense focus and relentless hard work for the good of humanity and common cause was laudable. The indispensable Solar Energy, as infinite source, unlike the finite oil resources, was one of the sciences he set his goal on. Scientists around the globe are in the hard pursuit of new energy resources.

The very thought of the blatant fact that our Arab world has been endowed with an abundant supply of sunlight, especially in the Gulf Region, has shed a strong influence upon his selecting Solar Energy as the core subject for his advanced study and research which would in turn highly beneficial for the noble cause of the population as a whole and particularly the inhabitants of the Gulf Belt. He has even made great strides towards extending and applying his theoretical researches to include Management of Energy and Transfusion aiming to make peoples life easier. As a result of it, today we reap the harvest of his arduous hard work as seen at various major areas of Technical Operations such as the water boilers, cooling set and other equipments. 

Scientific Career

Professor Abbas parents, mother in particular, were keen on widening the vista of her sons education even beyond the boundaries of the local schools. Professor Abbas strong determination coupled with his mothers persistent backing helped him climb the ladder of success in life. He was conferred with highest degrees of education from renowned universities abroad that made him the most scholarly in the family too thus bringing an added feather to his cap. 

He obtained his Bachelors degree in Nuclear Engineering from California University in the Year 1973, his Masters degree in Nuclear Engineering from Washington University in July 1975, and his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Liverpool University in Dec.1978.


The Professional Milestones

  • Was a Scholar in Science both in Kuwait University and in the Arab World.

  • In 1979 Abbas Marafie, became Assistant Professor.

  • In 1984 he was designated as Associate Professor.

  • In May, 1992 he furnished the position as a full fledged Professor.

  • He held vital key positions as; Deputy General Director of Kuwait University, Dean for Engineering and Petroleum College and Head of Mechanical Engineering Department.

  • His participation in numerous Scientific activities such as; Conferences on Transfusion, Energy Cell, Management of Energy and Teaching of Engineering held in various countries such as USA, Italy and Holland.

  • He was member of the Board of Trustees of Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR.)

  • He was Board Member of Public Authority for housing care.

  • He was member of the Protection from Radiation Committee related to the Ministry of Health, and a member of Technology Committee for The Second International Arab Solar Energy Conference, and many other activities too.

  • He was Chairman of steering Board for the First Solar Energy International Arab Conference in Kuwait.

  • He served as an Evaluator of American University, Sharjah (UAE) for their Engineering Programs.

  • He was the member of Planning and research Committee for Environment Protection Council, Kuwait

  • He was a member of the Appraisal Committee for Safe Utilization of Nuclear Energy, Govt. of Kuwait.

  • He served as a member for the Committee for unification of Codes of Practices in Kuwait.

  • He served various Family entities as an Advisor, Board Member for many  years.

  • He was Founding Member of Gulf University for Science and Technology.

  • He served as Board Member of Aiyas Educational Co.

  • He was Founding Member of Kuwait Diabetes Society .

  • He was Founding Member and Chairman of Health Services Development Society.

Nevertheless, his valuable contributions have etched a niche not only in the field of science and education, but in the hearts of thousands of Kuwait University graduates. His remarkable role in the field of education had been virtually immortalized by the throng of grief stricken students who rushed to Diwan Marafie, holding within them a sense of recognition and appreciation for him, on the day of his demise. Apart from his selfless dedication to scientific studies and researches; he has always been remembered for his care and compassion not only within the family, his wide generosity towards nations at large, notably Africa and Asia. Along with his significant immediate and close friends he extended his service in establishing educational institutions, health care centers, hospitals and Mosques around the world.

Professor Abbas in-depth knowledge had gained him the rarest opportunity to furnish key positions at Kuwait University. He was always remembered as a Great Professor and a Good Human Being who took time and effort in sharing his vast knowledge and caring for others. On the day he left this world, this stark truth was well portrayed in the air and witnessed by the crowd when teachers and students from various quarters were drawn in sorrow and gloom stricken. No doubt; Kuwait world of education has lost an eminent personality who was a renowned scholar a gentle person and the one who left behind the indelible imprints.


Professor Abbas;   sincerely appreciated life to a great deal and was keen on building strong and healthy relations with his colleagues and students. His love towards nature is well reflected on his private Palm tree farm he had in Wafrah. His intense passion for Palm trees led him to donating 500 Palm trees to Kuwait University for its new location in Shdaidiya.


Professor Abbas; May God Have Mercy on your Soul in Paradise, you have left this world to the world of Eternity. Our State grieves on your loss, but will be always remembered by those in whom you have deeply endeared


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